05-27TroopFlag Planting(?)
05-29TroopFlag Planting(?)
06-06 -> 06-10TroopCrater Lake Nat. Park & Lave Beds Nat. Mon.
06-06TroopTroop Meeting
06-12 -> 06-17TroopNYLT 1
06-13TroopTroop Meeting
06-16 -> 06-18TroopCampout @ Pinnacles Campground
06-18 -> 06-24TroopNYLT 2
06-20TroopTroop Meeting
07-04TroopTroop Meeting
07-09 -> 07-13TroopBackpack trip
06-16 -> 06-18TroopCampout @ Pinnacles Campground
13/17 scouts attending
Register by Jun 05, 2017
0 people attending
07-15TroopAnnual Planing Meeting
0 people attending
08-04 -> 08-06TroopMt. Lassen Camping
19 people attending
10-13 -> 10-15TroopMoaning Caverns
28 people attending
10-28TroopRim Rover Hike at Mt Tamalpais
20 people attending

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Troop 905 Ongoing Fundraiser - Free eWaste Pickup
To schedule a pickup of your computer/tv/ewaste please visit www.ewaste4good.com or
call 1-800-317-3112 and reference "Boy Scout Troop 905 Dublin"



Court of Honor

Posted on May 13 2017 - 10:24pm

Where: John Knox Presbyterian Church, 7421 Amarillo Rd, Dublin
When:  Tuesday 7:00 PM.

This is when scouts who have advanced in rank, or have completed merit badges, or earned other awards are formally recognized.  We have these three to four times a year to celebrate the progress of the scouts.

Camporee 2017 Preparation and Patrol Food Planning

Posted on May 13 2017 - 10:06pm

Camporee Food planning will take place at the end of the Court of Honor.  If you are going to Camporee, be at the Court of Honor to meet with your patrol and plan your grub master, food, and duty roster.

Merit Badge Books

Posted on May 13 2017 - 5:30pm

Hello Troop 905!

If you have any merit badge books that were checked out from our troop library, and you are no longer using them, please return them to the library very soon so I can take an accurate inventory in the coming week. There are a lot of books out, and I need to know if they are all being used at this time.

Wente Summer Camp

Posted on Mar 4 2017 - 5:45pm

Hello Scouts & Parents.  

The BIG annual summer camp of the year is Camp Wente, from July 23rd – July 29th.  *Wente Deposits* are NOW DUE!  Deposit is $150.  If your son will be going, please sign up on our web page and please get your deposit (made out to “Boy Scout Troop 905”) in by March 14 to secure a spot at the discounted rate of $405. 

National Jamboree

Posted on Mar 4 2017 - 5:41pm

Over the course of 10 summer days, once every four years, the Boy Scouts of America comes together. The result is the national Scout jamboree.

Upcoming Merit Badge Classes

Posted on Feb 25 2017 - 12:36pm

SPRING  pastedGraphic.pdfExploration Camp is a fun and exciting daily program that provides the opportunity for boys and girls ages 11-18 to explore hobbies, educational interests and useful social and personal skills during the school breaks.  Trained and qualified adult supervision is provided during all program hours at the local Youth Leadership Training Center in San Leandro, a safe learning environment for all ages.



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